NEWS (06-19): My paper Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Diffusion and Prediction in Threshold Models, (with Alexandru Baltag, Rasmus K. Rendsvig and Sonja Smets) is now published in Studia Logica.

NEWS (01-19): I will be visiting the Department of Information Science & Media Studies of the University of Bergen in March, and will speak about “Logical foundations of A.I.: social influence & networks” at the artificial intelligence seminar AI Agora.

NEWS (12-18): My paper Diffusion in Social Networks with Recalcitrant Agents is now published in the Journal of Logic and Computation (JLC).

NEWS (03-18): I am currently on maternity leave, and I may be slower in answering emails.

NEWS (01-18): I will be teaching the courses Collective Decision Theory and Epistemic Logic to the Philosophy & Economics students in Bayreuth this summer semester (with Soroush R. Rad).

NEWS (09-17): I will be teaching the course Social Networks for Logicians at ESSLLI 2018, 30th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, in Sofia, together with Pavel Naumov.

NEWS (02-17): I will be teaching a course on Knowledge and opinion formation in crowds to the students of the Philosophy and Economics programme, offering a panorama of social informational phenomena: wisdom of the crowds, informational cascades, pluralistic ignorance, polarization, diffusion and stabilization of opinions in social networks, consensus formation, etc.

NEWS (01-17): I am now a member of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bayreuth, and of the Philosophy & Economics programme team!


NEWS (07-16) I am happy to announce that in January 2017, I will start a 3 year postdoc position inSocial Epistemology and Epistemic Logic at the Department of  Philosophy of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, as a member of the project “From Shared Evidence to Group Attitudes (SEGA)” funded by the German (DFG) and the Czech Science Foundation (GACR).


NEWS (04-16): I was interviewed about my research on informational collective failures for an article published in the Dutch newspaper Trouw on April 2nd.


NEWS (03-16): I defended my PhD thesis “Dynamic Logics of Networks – Information Flow and the Spread of Opinion” on March 22nd. The collocated workshop “Logical Dynamics of Social Influence and Information Change” was held on the same day.

Zoe Christoff -PhD Thesis Cover - front

NEWS (01-16): I started a postdoc position at the Department of Computer Sciences of the University of Liverpool, as a member of Davide Grossi‘s EPSRC-funded project “Foundations of Opinion Formation in Autonomous Systems”.

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