In progress:

  • The Wisdom of Small Crowds: Myside Bias and Group Discussion, with Edoardo Baccini, Stephan Hartmann and Rineke Verbrugge (under revision). 
  • On the Graph Theory of Majority Illusions, with Maaike Los and Davide Grossi (submitted). 
  • Common Enough Knowledge and Collective Action, with Thomas Ågotnes.
  • Epistemic Gain of Democratization vs Delegation, with Davide Grossi and Dominik Klein.
  • Crowds and Truth-Tracking, with Nina Gierasimczuk. 





  • Reasoning about Cascading Abilities in Networks (short version), with Thomas Ågotnes, accepted for Netreason@ECAI, Santiago de Compostela online, August 30, 2020.



  • Report on The Sixteenth conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK 2017), Zoé Christoff and Louwe Kuijer, The Reasoner, Volume 11, Number 9, pp. 65-66, September 2017.


  • Reflecting on Social Influence in Networks (pdf)(read online), Zoé Christoff, Jens Ulrik Hansen and Carlo Proietti, in  Lorini E., Perrussel L., and Mühlenbernd, R. J (Eds), Information Dynamics in Artificial Societies, Special Issue of  Journal of Logic, Language and Information (JOLLI) , Volume 25: 3, pp.299-333, 2016.
  • Zoe Christoff -PhD Thesis Cover - frontDynamic Logics of Networks – Information Flow and the Spread of Opinion (abstract, full text),  PhD thesis, University of Amsterdam, ILLC Dissertation Series DS-2016-02.


  • Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Diffusion and Prediction in Threshold Models, Alexandru Baltag, Zoé Christoff, Rasmus K. Rendsvig and Sonja Smets, ILLC Prepublication PP-2015-22.



  • A Two-tiered Formalization of Social Influence (pdf of the published version) (pdf with appendix), Zoé Christoff and Jens Ulrik Hansen, in D. Grossi, O. Roy, and H. Huang (Eds.): Logic Rationality and Interaction – 4th International Workshop, LORI 2013, Hangzhou, China, October 9-12, 2013, Proceedings, LNCS 8196, pp.68-81, Springer, Heidelberg (2013).


  • The Lottery Paradox (in French), Zoé Christoff, Philosophy Master thesis supervised by Pascal Engel, available in print in the library of the University of Geneva.